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The covenants were created by the developers of University Park and University Hills to establish certain construction, design, lot use, ownership restrictions, and responsibilities. They were designed to protect the interest of all property owners. They are legally binding on all property owners, not just dues-paying members, because they are attached to the deed of the lots. Your covenants should have been included with your title insurance paper work, but you can access the covenants at the link below.

UPNA has accepted the responsibility of notifying property owners when complaints have been made regarding covenant compliance.  We have the responsibility as homeowners to maintain the standards to which we have all agreed when we purchased our homes.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive or legally exact. Its purpose is to summarize and highlight some of the most important covenants in straightforward language.

  • All lots shall be used for residential, private, single-family purposes only.

  • Exteriors of homes and garage doors must be kept in good repair and appearance.  Only earth tone paint colors are allowed.

  • Landscaping must be maintained in a neat and attractive manner.  Front and side yard grass must be watered, fertilized, mowed, and weed free.

  • Garbage cans are to be kept inside garages or otherwise out of sight except on the day of collection.

  • Campers, boats, trailers, RV's and the like must be kept in garages or stored completely out of sight from the street or other lots in the neighborhood.

  • All unused motor vehicles of any kind may not be stored or parked on any street or on any lot except in a closed garage.  Unused vehicle is defined as any motor vehicle which has not been driven within a 15 day period.

  • Building/landscaping materials placed on any lot need to be used promptly.

  • Commercial or manufacturing enterprises are not allowed on any lot.

  • Noxious or offensive activities and anything considered an annoyance or nuisance is not allowed on any lot.

  • Commercial vehicles and trucks may not be stored or parked on any street or on any lot except in a closed garage.

  • Waste and noise from household pets must not annoy adjoining property owners.

  • Service yards, wood piles, and storage areas must not be visible from the street.

  • In the event a City zoning code is less stringent than a neighborhood covenant, the covenant will apply.

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